Green is the new Black

PCE Ltd’s Hybrid Frame system brings unparalleled benefits to many structural projects, and early involvement in the design stages makes it possible to optimise these advantages, ensuring sound advice right from the beginning of the design process by treating offsite build systems like a science. PCE prides itself by building its expertise upon past achievements while taking the time to reflect and identify areas for improvement. This ensures an enhanced design process that prioritises efficiency, safety, and effectiveness in manufacturing and installation, while also valuing supply, installation speed, and quality.


PCE's Hybrid Frame initiative continues to impress, as seen with its latest use by Kier in conjunction with CO-RE and M&G Real Estate for the 247 Tottenham Court Road property redevelopment project that will provide flexible retail space, office accommodation and six residential dwellings in the prominent London city centre location. The Architect is PDP London, with consulting engineers AKT II.


PCE is excited to introduce a new carbon reduction process utilising composite reinforced concrete/steel beam construction, working in collaboration with Piekko’s DELTABEAM® technology. The new steel Deltabeam is made using 90% recycled steel, a positive and progressive achievement. PCE's  continuing commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there, as basalt fibre reinforcement, instead of steel mesh, will be used for the reinforcement of the non-structural insitu concrete floor toppings, along with higher levels of GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag) in the walls, reducing the carbon embodiment even further. This project, designed as a PCE HybriDfMA Frame, combines a number of offsite manufactured components including precast concrete twin and solid walls, steel Deltabeams, precast columns and stairs and GRP riser covers, and prestressed hollowcore flooring, resulting in a faster, safer, and more eco-friendly project in the heart of London.


PCE's Design Team has laid the foundation for a faster, safer, and eco-friendlier London centre project, thanks to their Building Information Modelling (BIM) expertise. BIM guarantees unparalleled precision and information provision for both the manufacturing and erection processes.


Darren Waller, Senior Project Manager:

"I'm thrilled to be part of the design team at this early stage of the project. Witnessing the unrestricted exchange of ideas among the technical team on how to enhance the project's foundation and present design information in a clear, efficient way is invigorating. The possibilities seem endless. As Albert Einstein once said, 'Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere,' and PCE is utilising its imagination to construct better, more streamlined designs from the start."

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