Efficient Installation - The Fitzrovia W1

Through design, PCE technicians have the forethought and experience to implement MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) and strive to ensure on-site we only need to touch a unit once.

Be it a wall, column, beam etc., from wagon to installation, efficiency throughout installation is key. The repeatability of PCE’s HybriDfMA system approach helps to instil a habit of efficiency and excellence amongst the multi-skilled workforce. This sets the team on the right path as they embark on the installation of Fitzrovia W1 on Tottenham Court Road, London.


Appointed by Kier on behalf of property developers M&G Real Estate, PCE have now entered the installation phase of its design, manufacture, and construction solution for the grade A mixed-use structure. The use of the companies innovative HybriDfMA (design for manufacture and assembly) Frame solution ensures the project is embedded in efficiency, from start to finish.  


Due to its central London location, several considerations needed to be made to ensure success during the installation phase. PCE's expertise in delivering projects in inner-city areas allowed for careful consideration well in advance, with its in-house design team diligently assessing unit dimensions in the early phases of the project. This foresight ensured that the components would not exceed the constraints determined by the site location, such as the availability of space, routes and local amenities like schools. Space is often limited in inner-city locations, and Fitzrovia W1 is no exception.


An effective logistics plan is the backbone of any successful project. Understanding the importance of meticulous planning, PCE’s pre-construction and construction departments worked tirelessly to map out every detail, ensuring that the offsite manufactured components are loaded onto the wagons in the most efficient manner. Careful consideration and a fine balancing act between load efficiency and maximum number of units per wagon was key. This ensured that each unit arrived on site in the ideal position for direct lifting to their final installation location. This preparation ensures lifting operations are smooth, calculated, and compliant with the restricted site location's constraints. The occasional use of super low loaders, which incurred timing constraints, meant any wagons had to be off the highway by 8am.


In order to ensure the smooth assembly of the Fitzrovia W1 project, PCE's HybriDfMA Frame system was implemented, taking into consideration the logistics of lifting operations while minimising disruption to the local area. This 'lean' approach leads to a significant reduction of up to 50% in site deliveries, as well as facilitating just-in-time delivery and a quicker, less disruptive construction timeline compared to traditional methods. The modular approach of using offsite manufactured components also means that only what is necessary for structure assembly is required on-site, helping achieve up to a 90% reduction in waste. With its outstanding design standards, the Fitzrovia W1 project is highly sustainable, and PCE's innovative system attributes are crucial in achieving this goal.


Installation of the 85,000+ sq ft project has now commenced and is well under way. Aided by an astute and comprehensive digital asset tracking and information system, the first units have been installed with accuracy, speed, and quality at the forefront.


These considerations have ensured that as the construction phase of Fitzrovia W1 commences, it does so with efficiency, precision, and predictability. The implementation of PCE’s HybriDfMA Frame System will ensure those efficiencies will continue throughout project delivery, reinforced with cutting-edge digital asset tracking for continued clarity on project progress. 

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