Durham University update 7 – second phase buildings

PCE's Mount Oswald contract moves into its second phase

PCE Ltd has recently completed the first phase of its contract on Durham University's Mount Oswald project, where Interserve Construction is the Main Contractor.

The first phase of the project comprised of two student accommodation buildings housing 368 student rooms and associated community and facility areas. The external facades of PCE’s HybriDfMA Offsite engineered solution, were formed with insulated precast concrete sandwich panels, with the external face being reconstituted Ashlar concrete at ground floor level, and Apollo-Red brick faced units from first floor to roof level. These finishes were required by the client who wanted to match the traditional brick-built buildings on site. The PCE solution for the two accommodation buildings enabled a shorter construction programme on site, with a reduced number of operatives and following trades required which resulted in a safer working environment and environmentally friendly smaller carbon footprint.


Phase two of the project

For the second phase of the project, the facades of the three buildings have a more contemporary appearance with a mix of brick, brick-print and other printed concrete finishes with a much finer detailed finish. The contrast between the finishes has allowed the project to demonstrate and harness the benefits of PCE’s Offsite HybriDfMA construction solutions, incorporating multiple finishes on a single panellised unit, with windows and the associated sealant and damp proofing works being completed in the factory environment before delivery to site. The second phase buildings have a stepped site layout, and interfaces with contiguous piled walls. Rather than a traditional on site insitu concrete approach the client opted for the benefits of using PCE’s offsite manufactured precast ground beam system with clear and concise design coordination, which enabled building out of the ground quicker and all three building superstructures being progressed simultaneously.
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