DRS ensures maximum efficiency in the onsite offloading and assembly processes

PCE’s Digital Product Life Cycle Delivery Reporting System ensures efficiency

PCE Ltd’s continuous drive to maximise digitalisation of all the company’s processes to enhance efficiencies, reduce waste and enable real time, accurate and timely reporting procedures has taken a major step forward with the full implementation of an electronic system to monitor the life cycle of a product. One of the areas that the product gets captured is delivery timings and product quality when it enters the construction sites.

Known within the company as the PCE DRS system, delivery reports are electronically completed by the offloading crews in real time on arrival of loads using state of the art rugged mobile phones immediately transferring the data into the companies ASITE cloud based custom designed digital platform.  PCE’s onsite assembly philosophy is based on programmed just in time deliveries with all offsite manufactured components being delivered with zero defects and the DRS enables accurate reporting of this being achieved including offloading durations, or if there are errors with the delivery including late arrival, any visible defects/damage to the components, incomplete loads, etc. photographs are taken of the delivery on arrival as well as the individual components and other specific comments about the load can also be captured with electronic signatures by the vehicle driver and PCE operative confirming agreement of details recorded.


Fast and accurate feedback

With the added benefit of all the data recorded being electronically time stamped, i.e., in real time, the project teams can fully understand the performance and quality of deliveries with fast and accurate feedback to the manufacturing factories and logistic contractors of anything that was incorrect to help determine what caused any problem and its elimination going forward. 


Highly efficient onsite offloading and assembly

The data captured is used to the benefit of all parties concerned with the project, including why delays may have occurred in the offloading of components due to other trades or site difficulties for example. The ultimate aim of using DRS being to ensure maximum efficiency in the onsite offloading and assembly processes and thus negating any potential unnecessary loss of time or financial costs in achieving the project goals.

Information across all the PCE HybriDfMA Systems projects can be easily compared and evaluated enabling future projects to be better planned and delivered as well as providing sound data to back up PCE’s impressive, published performance statistics, important for new business development.


PCE’s IT department is constantly considering further improvements to the DRS system, acting on feedback from the site operatives to ensure accuracy and ease of use and further develop the benefits of the reporting system and how it interacts with other parts of the PCE Digital World. 


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