Kingston University Town House update 3 – 229 Double Tee units

13 metre 18 tonne precast concrete units

A total of 229 Double Tee units are being installed at the new Kingston University Town House project near London.

The majority of the suspended concrete flooring is being formed from the offsite manufactured Double Tees which each weigh up to 18 tonnes, with over 1,300 m² of Hollowcore flooring of up to 500 mm in depth also being used. The flooring span is up to 13 metres in places. Other precast unit quantities will include:

  • 275 columns
  • 318 beams
  • 50 solid walls
  • 52 stair/lift core boxes.

Casting of the units commenced several months ago and construction of the Hybrid structural frame using two tower cranes commenced recently, for what will be an on-site period of just 40 weeks for PCE.


A range of new facilities

The Kingston University website quotes Vice-Chancellor Professor Julius Weinberg as saying:

"The building will have something for everyone and will revolutionise students' education by offering the kind of facilities needed to provide an exceptional 21st Century learning environment."


The site states that local residents will benefit from a number of facilities in the new Two House including:

"two cafés, a learning resources centre, a 300-seat covered courtyard and attractive new landscaped spaces."

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