Construction News Awards 2022 winner

PCE Ltd is delighted that the Decarbonising Precast Concrete Project has won the “Carbon Reduction Champion” category of the Construction News Awards 2022. 

PCE worked in partnership with consultants Akerlof, Accelar, Curtins and precast product manufacturer Forterra as part on an Innovate UK  funded consortium to map the embodied carbon within the existing Ministry of Justice secure accommodation designs to identify opportunities to reduce the actual carbon footprint of construction and life cycle.


40% reduction in carbon emissions


The recently produced Decarbonising Precast Concrete Report shows that the research project developed an optimised structural design and concrete mix technical specification for offsite construction that delivers a net reduction of 40% in the structural precast concrete’s embodied carbon emissions, when benchmarked against the ICE database.

A Press Release giving the judges comments issued by Construction News after the presentation of the award states:

“This construction sector funded innovation programme has delivered a 40% reduction in carbon emissions associated with precast concrete. Adopting this saves nearly 22 million tonnes of carbon in the prisons programme alone.

“The judges appreciated the systematic supply chain wide approach to analysis and the focus on solutions that can be delivered by the supply chain today, without requiring changes to the client’s specification. This entry won because of its collaborative nature, its pragmatic approach, and its single minded approach to carbon reduction at scale. This approach should be adopted more widely by the industry.”


A delighted Mr Nickie Brown, PCE’s Managing Director, on hearing that the Decarbonising Precast Concrete Project had won the Carbon Reduction Category Award, said:

“Winning this Award helps to demonstrate the commitment that PCE has with respect to minimising the carbon footprint throughout all its projects and operations.

“I am very pleased that the judges recognised the importance of the collaborative nature of the research initiative, which was essential for its successful outcome as it was delivered by input from a wide range of people with differing knowledge and expertise that no one company or organisation would have.

“If ultimate success is to be achieved with regards to obtaining a net zero carbon construction industry then I believe it is essential that all the different business strands within the sector work together to innovate and share advances, not only in the UK, but on a world wide scale to enable the desired end result of safeguarding and improving the environment for current and future generations. PCE will actively continue its involvement in attaining further carbon reduction solutions going forward.”

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