Collaborative team working to decarbonise precast

Decarbonising Precast Concrete data applied against a real life construction situation

A pilot project, aligned to the UK Government's low carbon infrastructure commitment, has the stated aim of "decarbonising the economy and securing better outcomes for the environment", according to a recent report "UK team launches pilot scheme to decarbonise precast" in the current edition of Concrete Magazine.

"The Decarbonising Precast Concrete (DPC) project builds on the learning from recent research-based studies on ways to both reduce concrete used and apply lower-carbon concrete mix types, crucially applied against a real-life project."


The article refers to the collaboration of the integrated team, which has focussed on gaps along "a typically fragmented supply chain" with the reported intention of "engineering an optimised system" which will be achieved with iterative testing and robust data capture. The project outcomes are planned to be transferrable to other parallel sectors says the report, with given examples including education and health infrastructure and rental and student housing. 


DPC and HybriDfMA

PCE will be implementing the results of the Decarbonising Precast Concrete Project research throughout their HybriDfMA Systems, including Bespoke, hyTower®, Living, Secure-Custody, Secure-Prisons and Frames.


Reducing the carbon footprint in construction

PCE is working in partnership with consultants Akerlof, Accelar, Curtins and precast product manufacturer Forterra as part of an Innovate UK funded consortium to map the embodied carbon within the existing Ministry of Justice secure accommodation designs and to identify opportunities to reduce their actual carbon footprint in the future.

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