CN Awards nomination for Decarbonising Precast Concrete Project

Shortlisted for Carbon Reduction Champion

PCE Ltd is delighted that the Decarbonising Precast Concrete Project has been shortlisted for the “Carbon Reduction Champion” category of the Construction News Awards 2022

PCE worked in partnership with consultants Akerlof, Accelar, Curtins and precast product manufacturer Forterra as part on an Innovate UK  funded consortium to map the embodied carbon within the existing Ministry of Justice secure accommodation designs to identify opportunities to reduce the actual carbon footprint of construction and life cycle. The recently produced Decarbonising Precast Concrete Report shows that the research project developed an optimised structural design and concrete mix technical specification for offsite construction that delivers a net reduction of 40% in the structural precast concrete’s embodied carbon emissions, when benchmarked against the ICE database. Simon Harold, PCE’s Business Development Director has said:

‘The findings of this important research project are already leading to significant improvements in embodied carbon reduction in the design of future Ministry of Justice prisons and PCE is also using the information to improve the company’s Carbon reduction approach on all of our projects as we contribute to the UK’s efforts to hit its net zero carbon target.’
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