Car Parks - how to achieve a significant dead load reduction

A 3.5 tonne saving per parking space is achievable

The construction industry faces constant challenges with regard to environmental and sustainability issues, health and safety requirements, the need for faster construction and the ability to maximise off-site production, according to an article in Concrete, the magazine of the Concrete Society.


The long-span precast concrete GT flooring system was developed at PCE Ltd that would present significant benefits over current systems and methodologies:

  • 400mm-deep prestressed concrete unit can be cast up to 2.4m wide and over 16m in length
  • It incorporates solid lightweight void formers to significantly reduce the overall weight
  • It takes standard car park loadings
  • Waterproof finishes without the need for any additional structural concrete toppings can be supplied.


This, according to PCE Ltd's Managing Director Nickie Brown:

"...minimises the finished floor thickness, further reducing weight and eliminating a significant on-site operation."

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