Capella update 5 - 250m³ of concrete into the retaining walls

Mechanical plant lifted into position

Rapid progress onsite as PCE Ltd pump over 250m³ of concrete into the retaining walls of the Capella building in Cambridge - a building that has been designed to provide world class scientific and research facilities with a stringent requirement to minimize vibrational effects.

The mechanical plant has all been lifted into place in the basement, prior to floors being added above the equipment.


Delta beams now on site

All Delta Beams, manufactured offsite, have now been delivered. The structural frame design adopted, in general terms, consist of precast columns with a combination of precast concrete edge beams and structural steel Delta Beam spine beams, supporting 300mm deep hollowcore planks and a 300mm reinforced insitu structural concrete topping. 


Safety a priority

PERI safety rails are being installed at Capella. PCE once again are demonstrating a sustained commitment to onsite health and safety.

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