Capella update 2 - first precast wall panel - only 4,134 units to go!

PCE developing smarter hybrid structural solutions

The first basement wall panel have just been delivered to site at Project Capella in Cambridge - a building that has been designed to provide world class scientific and research facilities with a stringent requirement to minimize vibrational effects.

PCE Ltd are working with Kier Group on a structure will be built using two cranes on a confined site with a relatively small footprint between two existing and in use facilities.

The image show's PCE's Capella team celebrating the erection of the first of the basement wall panels in Cambridge - which means, as Design Manager Craig Billyeald wryly observed, there are "only 4,134 more units to go!"


Delta Beam

The resultant structural frame design adopted is generally precast columns with a combination of precast concrete edge beams and structural steel Delta Beam spine beams, supporting 300mm deep hollowcore planks and a 300mm reinforced insitu structural concrete topping.

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