Capella update 12 - 5th floor construction

Capella in Cambridge showcasing precast concrete advantages

The finished building has an uncompromising requirement to minimise vibrational effects when it is occupied and in use because of the very sensitive nature of the scientific equipment that will be installed.

PCE Ltd’s approach has embraced this and by using BIM techniques, has allowed the integration of an extremely complex services strategy. This includes the pre-installation of the main services routes and package plant along with the integration of a precast facade solution with pre-installed glazing.


Volumetric concrete boxes

The lift shaft and stair cores were used to provide the frames structural stability and were constructed to full height using volumetric concrete box modules at the start of the erection process, which enabled a significant time saving and provided safe access and egress to those on site to the buildings floors as they were erected. The offsite factory production of the stair and lift shaft boxes ensured the critical internal dimensional accuracy was maintained within the tight tolerance requirements of the finished core structure.


Confined site

The structure is being built using two cranes on a confined site with a relatively small footprint between two existing and in use facilities.


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