Dakota Hotel 10 - level 4 brick faced precast concrete sandwich panels installed

Level 5 flooring units added and level 6 walls underway

More architectural brick faced precast concrete sandwich panels for the Dakota Boutique Hotel project in Manchester have been delivered to site and erected as part of the building façade.

PCE Ltd has been appointed by GMI Construction Group PLC to design and build the offsite engineered structural Hybrid frame for the nine storey five star deluxe hotel.  Images above show the addition of the level four walls and level five flooring units.  Precast concrete sandwich panels for the Manchester hotel façade arriving on site


Level six underway

The offsite engineered precast concrete walls for the next level are currently being delivered to site and erected, with bathroom pods and Deltabeams due to be installed shortly afterwards. Above the steel frame, PCE has provided the podium slab from which the Hybrid concrete structure is fashioned. The hotel is being built with concrete crosswalls, PreFastCore and architecturally finished brick faced sandwich panels.The Manchester Dakota Hotel development forms part of the Evans Property Group strategic plan to bring its Luxury Dakota brand hotels to all key UK regional cities in the next five years.

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