Bracknell update 8 - the advantages of offsite precast construction

Two levels are now complete

The photographs clearly demonstrate how offsite manufactured precast units have enabled PCE Ltd to continue rapid - and safe - construction of the Lexicon in Bracknell - a multi storey car park with adjoining retail space. 

The rapid development, which can be appreciated by viewing all the project updates, is particularly noteworthy on the grounds that PCE's unique and highly efficient methodology has enabled all this to be achieved with a lower number of personnel than would, with other construction techniques, have been employed on such a site during the construction phase.


The offsite advantage

The advantages of PCE’s offsite approach include:-

  • Minimising of on site construction times
  • Reduction of the depth of the structure
  • A reduction in the number of erection lifts
  • Reduction in the number of follow-on trades*.

*No insitu structural topping is required - the units arrive to site on a just-in-time basis with a factory applied anti slip finish.

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