Accuracy, speed and safety - the benefit of GT Floor Units

Efficient long span car park construction

PCE's GT Floor Units enable long span car parks to be erected faster with better precision and enhanced safety, when compared to other systems - by providing a significant reduction in on site construction operations.

The GT Flooring system is a prime example of PCE's innovative approach to structural systems - which enhance the build process, provide clients with development benefits and are far more environmentally friendly than other methods.


Huge concrete savings

By using factory engineered precast GT Floor units there is no need for any structural toppings. On a recent car park project this resulted in a saving of approximately 3,500 tonnes of concrete, compared to other precast longspan options. Over 500m² of finished car park deck was installed per day on this project. A resulting car park deck requires no structural topping and the anti-skid wearing surface finish is formed in the top surface during the factory casting operations.


Site safety improvements

Site safety is considerably improved with the reduction in site deliveries and on site lorry movements, coupled with a decrease in site operative requirements.

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