9 tonne pre-glazed concrete unit tuned onsite!

Precast architectural unit turning trial completed

PCE Ltd have successfully completed a series of rigorous trials to establish the viability of turning 9 tonne pre-glazed concrete architectural units from the transported and offloaded horizontal position to a vertical aspect for onsite construction.

The technique demonstrated in the video will now be utilised for the first time at Capella, Cambridge. The building is being designed to provide world class scientific and research facilities with a stringent requirement to minimize vibrational effects when it is occupied and in use due to the very sensitive scientific equipment that will be installed.


Precast columns

The resultant structural frame design adopted is generally precast columns with a combination of precast concrete edge beams and structural steel Delta Beam spine beams, supporting 300mm deep hollowcore planks and a 300mm reinforced insitu structural concrete topping. 

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