750 offsite engineered units installed in 15 weeks

Completion of precast concrete façade in London

PCE Ltd’s HybriDfMA Bespoke System architectural precast concrete façade has recently been completed at the Central & Cecil Housing Trust development in St Johns Wood, London for Regal London - with over 750 precast concrete cladding units being installed in just 15 weeks.


The offsite engineered cladding units form the principal façade architecture, with a mix of brick faced and reconstructed stone finishes creating vertical and horizontal bands to the elevations which will be infilled with glazing. This milestone in the projects delivery unlocks the construction of the structural architectural concrete exoskeletons which are located outside the main façade line and create support for the balcony systems and create shading to the north and south elevations.


This critical phase of the architectural cladding will be completed by PCE’s specialist site installation team in just 10 weeks and will see the integration of the finished balconies and rainwater drainage systems within the façade elements. 


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