50th Anniversary of PCE Ltd

Sunday 19th November 2023 will be the 50th Anniversary of PCE becoming a Limited company, PCE Ltd.

The date is another significant milestone in the company’s journey from being a specialist erection only contractor of structural precast concrete frames and infrastructure, to that of now being at the forefront of offering clients innovative design, manufacture and assembly solutions for a wide range of building types, using offsite engineered components of differing structural materials.

PCE’s founder, Vince Wetton, set high standards from the outset as to the quality of workmanship, innovation, and value he offered to his initial customers, and at the same time recognising the importance of all the individuals employed within his company whilst developing and maintaining astute financial and management controls to ensure the company’s survival during periods of economic decline.

An enormous amount of change has occurred in the construction industry during the past 50 years, the importance of Health and Safety, communication, logistics, computerisation, digitalisation, virtualization, etc. Whilst the industry has changed so has PCE, becoming a leader in Modern Methods of Construction, (MMC), developing Hybrid structural material Design for Manufacture and Assembly, (DfMA), solutions with a ‘kit of parts’ approach, (HybriDfMA), whilst caring about the ever-important environmental needs and necessity for carbon reduction.


Nickie Brown, Managing Director comments:

‘PCE Ltd is very pleased to be able to celebrate 50 years and the growth and development of the business and its people over that time. It has developed to be an employee-owned business with a very high engaged and skilled workforce across all its operational functions The company standards and ethos’s initiated by our founder being as important to us today as they were to Vince then.

We are temporarily introducing a new logo acknowledging the milestone, and between now and the 19th November we will be issuing further details of the journey of the company from its inception to the present day.

Whilst it is good to celebrate the 50 years and look back with some pride, looking to the future remains the driving force throughout the business with our constant requirement to develop further new innovative approaches and offerings to provide the quality and values that our clients have come to expect from us in this ever fast changing and evolving industry.’


Second image:

Upper right: Kodak High Bay Warehouses - 1982

Upper left: Gatwick Airport - 1997

Lower right: East Village N06 - 2020

Lower left: Kingston University Townhouse - 2019

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