Two St Peter's Square update 3 - 470 architecturally finished precast components

The heaviest unit weighs 9.6 tonnes

Construction of Two St Peter's Square by PCE Ltd is proceeding apace on the southern edge of Manchester in the UK.


PCE’s brief is to erect:

  • 70 underslung column cladding units
  • 58 underslung soffit units
  • 342 architectural cladding units, which includes 49 x distinctive architectural relief panels.


The heaviest unit weighs 9.6 tonnes and the largest unit is 6 metres x 4 metres. The PCE team will erect all the units into position within 100 working days.


For such a prestigious project, PCE’s expertise in the safe installation of such units - coupled with their understanding of ensuring the accuracy of fit and maintaining the tight tolerances of construction needed - are ensuring that the architect’s desired visual appearance are being met. The 21st Century vision for St Peter’s Square by Manchester City Council is for this project to become a world-class defining component in Manchester’s civic and new business quarter. 

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