47 years of construction evolution at PCE

PCE becomes an Employers Owners Trust

PCE Ltd became a Registered Company in 1973 - and today marks its 47th anniversary. Albeit that Vince Wetton, the Founder of PCE, actually started the business 4 years earlier in 1969 (some 50 years ago!).


PCE has continued to evolve and change over the years, in particular through Technology, Innovation and Health and Safety, and this year has changed to become a company owned by its employees, an Employers Owners Trust. This is very much a testament to the people who currently work and have worked for PCE over the years for their commitment, achievements and development within the company, of which everybody associated with the company is very proud.


PCE's next generation model

So much time and effort is being spent on the next generation company model for PCE, and great advances have been made in this respect over the last twelve months, enabling the company to look forward to another 50 years of ambitious and successful growth.


Nickie Brown, PCE’s Managing Director said:

"The new business structure makes PCE a more resilient company with increase wealth becoming available to our employees through PCE’s economic success and will keep PCE Ltd competitive and on top of its game as well as being the first choice by its clients, enabling their continued success as well."
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