Capella update 9 – 126m3 concrete poured on ground floor topping

Ground floor slab structural topping

The first floor pour of the ground floor structural topping has been completed - with the addition of an impressive 126m³ of concrete being added.

The building is being designed to provide world class scientific and research facilities and features the integration of an extremely complex services strategy.


Precast concrete hybrid construction

PCE are delivering the 7 suspended floors of the structure totalling approximately 17,000m², including the suspended ground floor to Level 6, as well as erecting the 5.0m deep basement walls and external envelope, in just 8 months of site activity. The fast erection programmed is much shorter than other suitable structural frame solutions would have allowed: along with the reduced onsite workforce required - as well as reduced lorry deliveries typical of offsite construction - the potential of disruption to other users of the Addenbrookes site will be reduced. The Capella Laboratory in Cambridge is in the process of being constructed in conjunction with consulting engineers Arup and main contractor the Kier Group.

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