114 precast concrete façade panels successfully turned at NHS Golden Jubilee

Taking HybriDfMA precast concrete façade system lifting operations to the next level


The NHS Golden Jubilee surgical centre, Clydebank for PCE Ltd's client Kier Construction Scotland entered its next milestone phase with the lifting and installation of the 2nd and 3rd Level brick clad and reconstructed stone precast concrete façade panels.


The offsite engineered and manufactured façade units dimensions were maximised in line with the lifting capacities of the project's two CTL430 tower cranes to satisfy the storey height requirements for the healthcare project and to minimise the number of external joints to be sealed. The resulting panel dimensions being up to 6.14m (high) x 4.25m (wide) x 0.29m (thick) with a maximum gross weight of 16.13 tonnes meant that they had to be delivered to site horizontally.


Once received on site the façade panels went through a top-and-tail assisted lifting operation, turning the panels from the horizontal delivery position to the vertical installation position utilising a combination of one of the projects tower cranes and a 90 tonne all-terrain mobile crane. PCE combined the use of both cranes configuring them to comply with all the legislative guidelines for complex lifting operations when using multiple cranes and the company’s expertise to maintain the highest levels of safety for lifting operations. PCE’s experienced installation team successfully turned and installed up to six façade panels per day on their latest HybriDFMA Frame System project.

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