Precast concrete for residential and student accommodation

Residential Accommodation Construction

Complete multi-storey structural frame solutions for residential and halls of residence projects using the best of contemporary technology, design and offsite manufacture.

On-site construction is carried out by PCE Ltd to the highest quality that can be achieved, together with savings in programme periods and enhanced environmental benefits. Health and Safety considerations are always of paramount importance.

The Hybrid Structure method enables a wide range of residential accommodation schemes to be constructed – from low rise, up to 25 storeys with individual room or open floor plans. The use of high quality insulated architectural façade panels, complete with fenestration and balcony elements, eliminate the need for external scaffolding with significant cost and programme advantages.

M&E services can be cast into the factory manufactured precast wall and floor components ensuring great accuracy, as well as reducing the time and number of other trade operatives required on-site in order to complete the project. Where required, pre finished bathroom pods can be easily included.

Involving PCE in the early stages will maximise the benefit that they can bring to a residential accommodation project.

Expertise in combining the use of precast concrete, insitu concrete and structural steelwork will prove invaluable for a client.

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