Raising 8 HybriDfMA Frames System structures above potential flood levels2021-10-18T11:52:33+01:00
1,805 Precast Concrete Components for 101 dwelling apartment block2021-09-06T11:21:40+01:00
University of Lincoln student accommodation2018-10-24T11:36:09+01:00
HybriDfma secured successful project2021-02-12T11:40:51+00:00
Custody Suite for Lancashire Constabulary2020-09-29T10:54:51+01:00
Car park and retail design and build by PCE at Lexicon2018-05-24T08:49:26+01:00
470 architecturally finished precast components at St Peter’s Square2018-05-24T08:49:48+01:00
Structural core system for world class academic research organisations2018-07-19T13:30:25+01:00
525 bedroom state-of-the-art student accommodation2018-07-19T15:51:37+01:00
Structural cores for Basingstoke Police Centre2018-05-24T12:24:21+01:00
Precast tunnel for watercourse diversion in Wales2018-04-11T17:00:28+01:00
GT long span flooring for Morrisons car park2018-04-11T16:44:59+01:00
Safety, efficiency and quality delivered with Merseyside apartments2018-04-13T13:10:50+01:00
1993: New main stand for Leicester City FC2018-07-17T10:43:05+01:00
1987: Reading Railway Station 1,600 space MSCP2018-07-17T10:43:51+01:00
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