HybriDfMA Frame System integrated campus for University of Leeds2021-06-16T10:22:31+01:00
A six storey fully HybriDfMA offsite engineered structure2021-05-19T11:01:43+01:00
PCE’s HybriDfMA Living System approach for 9 storey 5 star deluxe hotel2021-02-15T15:09:06+00:00
Six large precast concrete staircase units weighing up to 32 tonnes2018-08-24T16:00:35+01:00
Structural hybrid frame for seven storey hotel at test cricket ground2018-07-16T15:04:40+01:00
Motorway closure minimised during bridge repairs2018-05-24T08:50:48+01:00
Structural cores for Basingstoke Police Centre2018-05-24T12:24:21+01:00
Safety, efficiency and quality delivered with Merseyside apartments2018-04-13T13:10:50+01:00
Fast track ETAP Hotel construction in Manchester2018-07-20T11:21:48+01:00
1987: Reading Railway Station 1,600 space MSCP2018-07-17T10:43:51+01:00
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