Project Description

Wallsend Police HQ

Each precast component tailor-made to the architect’s specification

Precast concrete modular construction provided the key to achieving the highest levels of security, speed of erection and best value required from a new 40-cell detention centre.

PCE was able to harness the expertise gained over many years’ involvement in the construction of prisons and custodial accommodation to provide a unique off-site manufactured solution .

The detention block was designed and built with control room and an innovatively designed controlled access facility ensuring maximum security when transferring detainees.

Built-in insulation

External walls feature a series of sandwich panels with built in insulation. The design features a central supervision and monitoring area leading to four separate detention wings each with 10 cells and shower facilities. The walls of each wing radiate from a large ring beam and are attached using a bracketed interface.

Externally, high quality white precast panels were used and the areas between each wing were set out to provide a secure exercise area. A second storey was constructed above the cells to house plant, service equipment and provide storage.

Precast security wall

Externally, the detention facility features a curved high security precast wall created by using 35 faceted sandwich panels placed to create a gentle radius.

In addition to the design and build contract for the detention facilities, PCE’s construction team was responsible for the erection and fixing of almost 150 high quality architectural precast units which combine with proprietary fenestration to form the façade of the main police HQ building.

A combination of high quality precast beams, column units, external soffits and corner pieces manufactured in a bright white quartz-like finish to provide visual impact were erected on behalf of precast supplier Techrete.

Further information

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Location: Wallsend, North Tyneside, UK

Client: Northumbria Police Authority

Main Contractor: Miller Construction

More than 250 precast concrete units were used for the block with a number of unique features including security grilles, security doors and sanitary facilities all pre-installed during offsite manufacture, dramatically reducing the need for follow-on trades and labour on site.