Project Description

Road bridge, Reading

How meticulous planning paid off – and minimised disruption

Constructing a road bridge over the main railway line with restricted access and a time deadline of just 12 hours requires meticulous planning, and experienced teamwork.

Working for Main Contractor Osborne, PCE Ltd were given the challenge of placing all the precast concrete components, some weighing up to 30tonnes, for the new Small Mead Bridge replacement carrying Kirtons Farm Road over the main railway line between Reading and Basingstoke.

Due to the need for the railway line to be closed the bridge reconstruction was undertaken in a 12 hour line closure slot over Easter Saturday night.

The PCE team consisted of 9 employees led by PCE Construction Manager Gary McBride and with the use of a 350 tonne mobile crane successfully erected all of the precast units within the allotted time period.

Safe working environment

The two external bridge beams were lowered into position with prefixed safety handrails to enable a safe working environment for the erection of the each bridge parapet.

PCE’s involvement with the project demanded a high level of detail in the planning and co-ordination with the other suppliers and specialist contractors involved.

Chris Hudson, Structures Package Manager for One Team Wessex, a Multi Function Framework between Network Rail and Osborne commented:

“One Team Wessex would not have been able to complete these works without the wider support from our key suppliers who have committed people sacrificing Easter with their families and working beyond what is expected of them, because they are driven with a passion and energy for their colleagues and their companies to succeed.”

John Dowsett, Managing Director of One Team Wessex echoed the comments by Chris Hudson and stated,

“You should all be very proud of what we have achieved together.”

Location: Kirtons Farm Road, Reading, UK

Main contractor: Osborne

Multi function framework: One Team Wessex 

Project: Road bridge over the main railway line

Nickie Brown, Managing Director of PCE who was also present during the erection process said, “Once again the experience of the workforce of PCE and our willingness to work with others to achieve the desired end result has led to the successful and timely completion of yet another challenging project.”