Project Description

Chapel Wharf, Manchester


PCE’s site and management team were constantly dedicated to onsite safety procedures: this was acknowledged by the Main Contractor, with PCE frequently heading the safety leader board and numerous site safety awards.


PCE’s kit of parts approach enabled all structural components, including the pre-glazed balconies, to be manufactured offsite to meet the high quality levels specified by the client.


Four apartment blocks consisting of 7,569 offsite engineered components were delivered to the busy inner city site and installed within 82 calendar weeks.


PCE’s HybriDfMA Living System approach guaranteed cost effectiveness and certainty of delivery for the structures and façades, without the need for wasteful processes and materials such as scaffolding, falsework and back-propping.

The Chapel Wharf, Manchester story

Salford, Manchester, UK


Main Contractor:
Sir Robert McAlpine

Axis Mason

Consulting engineers:

PCE’s hybriDfMA Living system was used throughout the concept stage allowing the architectural design to be developed around a standard ‘kit of parts’ that were then interchangeable and reconfigurable to create multiple layout iterations.

Construction was completed using PCE Ltd’s hybriDfMA hyTower®  system.