Project Description

Charles Street Q Park, Manchester

Multi storey car park constructed in midst of multi development site

PCE Ltd constructed this high specification multi-storey precast hybrid car park incorporating an unusual “ramp free” design in the centre of the city amid multiple development sites.

Charles Street Q Park is sited above a casino and retail complex, with in-situ concrete construction to level two and high quality precast concrete units forming the seven-storey car park which is accesses by a spiral roadway from street level.

Meticulous site management and co-ordination

The total management package involved substantial temporary works and control of two of PCE’s tower cranes, a CTL 630 and CTL 400, which required meticulous supervision and radio communications to avoid con ict with three more tower cranes operating on neighbouring sites.

Precast hybrid construction

The construction features precast concrete column and beam construction for the frame with double-T units being used to form the main car park decks.

A total of

  • 53 Columns
  • over 100 edge beams
  • 105 gable beams
  • 9 special beams
  • 75 double boot beams

were erected to form the frame, together with

  • 170 wall panels
  • 437 double and single T units
  • 60 stair ights
  • 45 landings
  • 17 roof-stair slabs.

Following installation, the precast concrete components were treated with high performance coatings to achieve a bright homogenous nish and mark out the roadways.

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Location: Charles Street, Manchester, UK

Main Contractor: Finnegan

Architect: Allies & Morrison

PCE Ltd was appointed as specialist precast concrete contractor to erect almost 1,100 units that make up the internal structure of the car park and its decks.

All precast elements were erected over the course of the 22 week contract, with a number of complex lifts required for a series of raked beams weighing up to almost 23 tonnes each and column units up to five storeys in height – around 13.5 metres.