Construction has commenced on Brent Cross Town Plot 14

PCE Ltd has been appointed as superstructure and façade specialist by main contractor, Galliford Try, for the delivery of Brent Cross Town Plot 14.

On behalf of Related Argent, PCE will use its HybriDfMA build system, hyTower®, to assemble nearly 4,500 offsite manufactured components, bringing architects Allies and Morrison and Whittam Cox vision to life with safety, quality, speed, and value. Plot 14 will see 3 high-rise residential blocks rising up to 12 storeys, providing 286 Build to Rent apartments.

The projects pre-engineered ‘kit of parts’ are being assembled across Block A, including twin walls, sandwich panels, stair cores, composite structural steel reinforced concrete beams, and hollowcore. PCE’s multi-disciplined site team of 25, comprising installers, grouters, ancillary support, foreman, and supervisors, are well versed in providing high quality holistic assembly solutions.


Preparation – A Prerequisite for Speed

Through the design of components, how they connect, how they arrive, to how they are installed, preparation is key. Components are pre-fitted with features such as handrails, arriving to site ready for assembly. Upon arrival, standardised installation methodologies allow our multi-disciplined site teams to install with speed and safety. This model of repeatability enables our team to install around 100 tonnes of hybrid material daily, with an optimised level cycle time of 7 days, inclusive of placing bathroom pods.

hyTower® not only allows PCE to install at speed, it enables faster construction on a wider scale, too. With façades integrated offsite, structures become weatherproofed as they are installed. With stair cores providing safe access and egress, negating the need for back-propping and scaffolding, fit out trades can commence much sooner, safely operating just two levels below the leading construction edge.  


Real Time and Reliable Logistics

PCE utilise cutting-edge digital systems that enable seamless coordination and control over its operations. One such benefit is the efficiencies gained through the assembly phase.

As projects progress, the team receive real-time feedback through Ynomia’s 3D digital twin track and trace technology. This enables smooth and efficient execution of logistical operations, such as just-in-time deliveries. The insights gained from Ynomia means project teams can remain agile, adaptive, and in control of site operations.


DfMA Delivery

PCE’s approach to digital construction and DfMA is ideal for construction sites with lots of activity, such as the wider Brent Cross Town development. PCE’s hyTower® solution takes a significant amount of construction activity offsite. This not only improves speed of delivery, it helps maintain the highest quality standards. Additionally, it reduces risks, waste (up to 90%), noise, dust, and disruption to the area, with up to 80% fewer site deliveries. PCE's digital systems track, control, and coordinate both offsite and onsite operations, ensuring efficiency while supporting The Golden Thread and the Building Safety Act.


hyTower® - High Rise Success 

hyTower® is PCE’s proven Systemised Build Solution for the structural delivery of residential developments.  Proven to deliver high quality, predictable solutions safely at speed and scale, the build system is currently being utilised on multiple projects across the UK, including across 8 high-rise developments within London.

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