The PCE GT Flooring Solution

PCE Ltd has designed and developed the unique GT Flooring Solution for car parks and commercial projects.

The units offer spans of up to 18m, with pre-formed soffits and top running surface to a high specification, provide outstanding finishes, speed of construction and a robust solution.

How GT floor units contributed to the Avenue MSCP’s Hybrid construction solution »

GT flooring units can span up to 18m – and be in excess of 2m wide.

Precast units are manufactured off site, in environmentally controlled conditions.

Multi storey car parks

For  multi storey car parks, GT Flooring minimises structural depth and does not require any onsite structural topping compared to other precast concrete systems: this results in a structural weight saving of approximately 3.5 tonnes per car parking space.

Reduction in the height of the finished car park is also possible by using GT floor units, which can lead to significant savings on external architectural finishes.

Commercial developments

For commercial developments, the wet cast prestressed units have a good soffit finish that can be left exposed or directly decorated – and the production methodology allows for the inclusion of pipework into the soffits for thermal control of the buildings environment.

Long span offsite engineered flooring units by PCE Ltd

Features and benefits of the GT Flooring Solution

  • GT units are designed for use in long span applications such as car parks and commercial buildings
  • GT units can span up to 18m – and be in excess of 2m wide
  • Precast units are manufactured off site, in environmentally controlled conditions and their use reduces the carbon footprint of construction
  • The units are prestressed, with negligible differential camber between units when constructed due to side shear connections
  • The wearing top surface is finished prior to the concrete hardening giving the required degree of slip resistance or texture required
  • GT units are designed and installed without the need for any onsite onsite toppings, which can result in a saving of up to 3.5 tonnes per car parking space compared to other systems
  • Factory finished units are delivered to site on a just-in-time basis enabling rapid construction
  • GT units provide a robust solution offering outstanding finishes and speed of construction.

The GT Flooring Solution in action