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Precast concrete construction – this is what can be achieved in 105 days!

The benefits of PCE’s offsite hybrid construction techniques demonstrated

The Capella Laboratory in Cambridge, being constructed by PCE Ltd in conjunction with consulting engineers Arup and main contractor the Kier Group is progressing rapidly.

PCE are delivering the seven suspended floors of the structure (totalling approximately 17,000m²), including the suspended ground floor to Level 6, as well as erecting the 5.0m deep basement walls and external envelope, in just 8 months of site activity.

Latest Capella milestones

  • Hollowcore is now progressing to level four.
  • Concrete stich – this week.
  • Columns and walls on levels four and five will be completed by the end of the week.
  • Level two structural topping will also take place this week.

Volumetric concrete box modules were utilised right at the start of the process, providing a significant time saving and giving safe access and egress to those on site to the buildings floors as they are erected.

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