Chapel Wharf update 9 – how all this can be achieved with only 38 on site staff

//Chapel Wharf update 9 – how all this can be achieved with only 38 on site staff

Chapel Wharf update 9 – how all this can be achieved with only 38 on site staff

The benefits of leaving behind the “traditional” construction approach

A total of only thirty eight employees from PCE Ltd, comprising of highly skilled site operatives and technical and site management, are located on site currently at Chapel Wharf, Salford. This offers a large reduction on levels that would be required to build the residential structures were a “traditional” on-site approach to be adopted. 

Despite apparently low numbers, over two thousand nine hundred offsite engineered precast units have been erected to date in a mere thirty four weeks on site.

Reducing noise and congestion

The reduced number of personnel and large reduction in the number of deliveries to site, is dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of the construction process, as well as reducing noise and limiting traffic congestion local to the site which is in a busy area, adjacent to the Lowry Hotel.

The residential project for developer Dandara and main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine will consist of four tower blocks of varying heights:-

  • Block A will be 17 storeys high
  • Block B – 15 storeys
  • Block C – 17 storeys
  • Black D – 23 storeys.

PCE’s disciplined approach to the achievement of high construction standard and site safety and cleanliness are again very much in evidence.

Graduate Engineers

The highly trained staff includes two engineers who formerly attended Nottingham Trent University and who rejoined PCE upon graduation, having spent their year long industrial training period with the company, which formed the third year of their University course.

Both are continuing their career development, with Adam Clarke entering a new role as trainee project manager and Jack Hoogstraten as a trainee construction manager.

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