Kingston University update 9 – cantilever support structure

//Kingston University update 9 – cantilever support structure

Kingston University update 9 – cantilever support structure

Hybrid construction approach highlighted

The cantilever support structure above the main entrance to the new Kingston University London Town House has been completed, with PCE Ltd’s Hybrid construction approach enabling an effective solution to what otherwise would have presented a considerable architectural challenge.

The images (above) show how the temporary works were co-ordinated, by partially suspending the 22 tonne wall from the precast level 4 unit above – securely supporting it until the permanent structural solution was completed.

Construction of the hybrid structural frame using two tower cranes, commenced in August for what will be an on site period of just 40 weeks for PCE.

PCE’s in house design

Using their in house design capabilities, PCE have applied state of the art 3D modelling techniques to ensure that, during the structural design process, all of the offsite prefabricated precast concrete units are accurately detailed to achieve the desired minimisation of joint details and ease of manufacture to ensure safe and rapid construction.

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