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Paradise update 13 – PreFastCore modular core construction

Hybrid construction in Birmingham

PCE Ltd are continuing to erect offsite constructed precast concrete components at Birmingham’s 17 acre as part of their Paradise redevelopment design and build project which has a contract value approaching £5 million.

Installation of a number of PrefastCore units (shown in the images above) is proceeding rapidly, following the scheduled twelve week break in construction.

Lift and stair cores

The lift and stair cores are constructed with PCE’s Prefastcore system providing a safe, fast and dimensionally accurate solution for their construction, whilst precast concrete columns, beams, walls, prestressed hollowcore flooring and steel Deltabeam units provide the structural Hybrid frame solution with insitu concrete being used where necessary to facilitate structural connections.

Suitable for all types of structural frames PreFastCore provides safe and easy access for site personnel to different floor levels during the construction programme as well as providing a cost effective means of transferring lateral loads to the foundations.


PreFastCore modules are delivered to site on a ‘just in time’ basis using suitable articulated lorries.

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