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Capella update 15 – integration of precast façade

Complex services strategy pays dividends

The Capella Laboratory in Cambridge is being constructed by PCE Ltd using two cranes on a confined site – with a relatively small footprint between two existing and in-use facilities. 

The building is being designed to provide world class scientific and research facilities with a stringent requirement to minimize vibrational effects when it is occupied and in use due to the very sensitive scientific equipment that will be installed.

PCE’s approach has embraced this – and by using BIM techniques has allowed the integration of an extremely complex services strategy.

This includes the pre-installation of the main services routes and package plant along with the integration of a precast façade solution with pre-installed glazing. 

Deltabeam spine beams

The structural frame design adopted is generally precast columns with a combination of precast concrete edge beams and structural steel Deltabeam spine beams, supporting 300mm deep hollowcore planks and a 300mm reinforced insitu structural concrete topping.

The Architect for the Capella Laboratory is the Fairhursts Design Group.

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