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Capella update 14 – 120m2 external pre glazed cladding per day per crane

10 metre high panels being installed onto hybrid frame

The benefits of hybrid construction are being showcased on site in Cambridge as the first offsite constructed external pre-glazed panels arrive at the Capella site. 

The facility is being constructed by PCE Ltd to provide world class scientific and research facilities and features the integration of an extremely complex services strategy.

The offsite constructed panels, each measuring 10m x 3m are being turned onsite prior to being installed onto PCE’s hybrid frame. PCE recently successfully completed a series of rigorous trials to establish the viability of turning nine tonne pre-glazed concrete architectural units from the transported and offloaded horizontal position to a vertical aspect for onsite construction.

The external pre-glazed cladding is being installed at the rate of 120m² per day per crane

The Capella Laboratory in Cambridge is in the process of being constructed in conjunction with consulting engineers Arup and main contractor the Kier Group.

Successful trial of onsite turning of architectural units

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